Down but not out

I am by nature a perfectionist and a consummate overachieving that makes writing like this difficult.

Marvel Avengers Madness

We had a great morning and if you love all things super I'm sure you'll love the visit as much as we did.

A Christmas Clock

Well what a Christmasy afternoon. We were lucky enough to be invited to review a Christmas Clock at Wales Millennium Centre.  This was a relaxed performance aimed at children between baby - 7 years.  15 minutes prior to the show a touch tour was provided allowing any children who need to be prepared for sensory … Continue reading A Christmas Clock

Why are we so surprised by kindness?

I love a look at my news feed and often I have stories I might like pop up often I get stories about a person's kindness to others. Yesterday I read this story, about the poor bride stuck on the M4 after a pile up likely to miss her wedding rescued by local police … Continue reading Why are we so surprised by kindness?