Little old me

As a mum life does become quite a juggling act.  When I discovered 4 years ago I was going to have twins so not one but two little beauties to add to our current family of 4 I knew instantly that my juggling act was going to be tested.  If I wasn’t convinced of it the constant reminders from perfect strangers who delighted in reminding me my beautiful twins would equal “double trouble” was to instill in me instant fear.  But could the fearful me still lead her merry band of little people into fun times full of memory making?

But do you know what? In these last four years I managed no actually I more than managed.  I’ve even been able leave the house albeit late sometimes disheveled but always in the possession of not one but two babies with the serious sleep deprivation remembering both of them is a significant achievement in itself.

So for the last three years I’ve spun my plates of responsibility sometimes beautifully sometimes at a snails pace but do you know what? They’ve spun.   I’ve been a full time wife, mummy and teacher.  I’m managing to love and educate all my beautiful children.  I’m constantly refereeing sibling bickering. I’ve been and continue to be an award winning family washer woman, head chef, chief secretary, teacher, friend and general aide. I love it, most of the time.  I won’t pretend it’s always rosy like I said the plates sometimes spin at a snails pace. There’s been times when the toddler terrors we affectionately call ‘chaos and carnage’ have tried my patience even made working with hormonal stroppy teenagers all day seem sooooooo appealing.  But as a family no as a Mammy I’m surviving, having fun and making a real mark of love on the lives of my kids.

This blog is just somewhere for me to share what we do, share what I think and hopefully remind myself that I’m not doing such a bad job.

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