I like to Move it, Move it …..

I really ermmmmed and arggged about whether to take our lovely Twinnys to see a big theatre production.  Like many other ALN mums I found myself worrying what if our little twin 2 decided to melt down? What if he wouldn’t stay quiet? What if like a trip to the cinema he falls asleep after 10minutes?  Also the truth is although Madagascar is a massively family friendly film it’s not one Twin 2 had ever managed to sit through.  In fact I’m not sure there’s any other film that he has been engaged enough in to sit through.  So making the decision to go see Madagascar was probably out of a moment of pure parental insanity.  Even more insane was the fact we weren’t booked into the relaxed performance as it was fully booked.  Oh boy what had I let myself in for…..

We talked to both boys about the theatre and what it was like.  We tried even to sneak a look inside one day last week but unfortunately it wasn’t something that staff were able to allow.  So we arrived early at the centre.  We picked up our tickets at the box office with no issue.  Throughout the evening there wasn’t much of a queue for ticket pick up.  Having booked a disability ticket for twin 2 I had to also present his Hynt card.

The Hynt card is a fantastic facility that allows individuals with disabilities and additional needs to gain free entry for their carer.  The Hynt card can be used in theatres all over Wales and has been developed with the support and help of the Welsh Government and the Arts Council of Wales.  This is completely free to apply for at https://www.hynt.co.uk/en/

In the foyer there was a small shop selling what twin 1 called ‘Merch’.  To those adults reading who aren’t crazy YouTube watchers it was a stall of merchandise.   These varied in price.  Programmes were available throughout the centre priced at a reasonable £7.


Now we’ve been at the centre about 15 minutes and twin 2 has asked when the show is going to start around 50 million times.  He has not concept of time more so than most children his age. So my anxiety levels are increasing nervous we may hit a wall.  In that moment an absolutely wonderful female member of staff approached us and made small take with the boys.  She really didn’t realise how great her timing was.  She also told us that before climbing anymore stairs that free booster seats were available on the ground floor at the cloak room desk.  We were massively grateful.  We took our seats excitedly waiting fir the animals to make their appearance.


So the show began.  The show very much follows the story we see in the DreamWorks movie.  Alex the lion and his friends end up in the wild after the solo adventure of Marty the zebra takes an unexpected turn.  The entire cast were amazing.  As soon as the show began both twinnys were completely engrossed.  I believe that totally to be because of actors who took on every inch of these fabulous fun characters.  The vocal performance from all cast members was mesmerising.  My favourite song was with Matt Terry and Posi Morakinyo about being best friends.  As a first visit to this show I didn’t know any of the soundtrack however found myself singing along by the end of the number.  The twinny’s favourite was of course ‘I like to move it, move it’ performed by Kieran Mortell.  He did make an incredible King Julian he brought great humour and I proper belly laughed a number of times because of him.   Hannan Victoria as Gloria had the most amazing voice. Connor Dyer was every bit the hypochondriac giraffe. He certainly made us see the character we fell in love with in the movie. The entire cast and ensemble were phenomenal.

Any reservations I had about taking our twinny’s to this show disappeared minutes into the show because this was a massively family friendly outing that allowed even the biggest kid…..Daddy, to enjoy themselves too.

For any further information on the tour or the Wales Millennium Centre check out the links below.




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