Why are we so surprised by kindness?

I love a look at my news feed and often I have stories I might like pop up often I get stories about a person’s kindness to others. Yesterday I read this story, https://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/wedding-neath-police-m4-traffic-16843942 about the poor bride stuck on the M4 after a pile up likely to miss her wedding rescued by local police and taken to her special day. Another day I read a lovely story about a lady who helped a mum of two shop when one of her little people was struggling she carried him for mum to get stuff done instead of tutting, judging she provided support https://www.womansworld.com/posts/stranger-saves-mom-in-target-156867.amp . I love these type of stories I really do but why as a society is it that we’re so surprised by this small acts of kindness.

I was brought up to be kind. To look out for my fellow man. Sometimes I do this to my detriment. Sometimes I do it begrudgingly but regardless of the scenario the situation I do it. I’ve grown with parents who I truely admire and in many ways respected and try to emulate. As officers in the Salvation army they’ve always supported anyone struggling, finding life tough and those in a less fortunate position than themselves. So I suppose in many respects I’ve been taught that kindness isn’t a choice but an innate respect for humanity that we should all possess and demonstrate however small that demonstration of kindness is. But the world we live in now frightens me a little as more and more I see that people not only see kindness as a choice but one they can disregard and walk away from without conscience.

Is this the world we live in now, the world where these acts are so rare they make news? Why is it we’re becoming less surprised by the violence and hurt being caused around us than the beautiful acts of humanity that are happening everyday?

I want my children to grow up seeing amazing role models who demonstrate kindness to everyone however they seem surrounded by a new type of celebrity that belittle others online, who see their life’s work as being the best looking, best presented whatever the personal cost. What scares me even more is the normality that seems to have come from being unkind to others online a norm that isn’t being caused by children or teenagers but by grown adults Who seem to think it’s ok to put down, to embarrass others, their family’s their children and shame even threaten those in this world who may do things differently. If we as adults can’t be kind to our fellow man in person or online how are our children supposed to know, to learn and understand its worth, is necessity, its significance.

I also worry about the leadership of our world who no longer embrace kindness and acceptance but encourage hostility and division especially between those people who are different. How are our children to learn that difference brings interest, beauty and understanding when such differences are no longer respected by leaders of some of the worlds greatest nations?

I will do everything in my power to show my children what it really means to be kind. I’ll also show them the great rewards to their self worth they receive when they show kindness to others. I just hope their learning isn’t in vain as we see many changes in our world that aren’t always making it a better place.

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