Oakwood Park fun

Today we spent the day having fun at Oakwood Park in Pembrokeshire. We had an early morning and for us it took around an hour and 45 minutes to travel to the park. It was very exciting with the Twinnys signpost spotting all the way.

We arrived a little after opening time. Almost all the turnstiles were open so we had very little queue to enter the park. For those, like us, with a child with additional needs a ticket for a free carers pass is available both online and at the turnstiles with the relevant documents. We then hopped on the little train to take us to the rides. As soon as we got into the park we received our ride assistance pass. This again can be obtained by providing the relevant documents. This meant Twin 2 and 3 others could by pass the queue on a number of rides. For families like ours it can really help prevent hugely stressful queue situations.

We began our morning in Neverland. This area of the park is particularly designed for little people all themed around the Peter Pan land of Neverland. There were very few if any queues on these rides. The boys races around hoping on and off rides. As they are now over 1.2m many of these they could ride together but some we joined them on. Be warned skull Rock does get you quite wet but we dried off quickly on our particularly hot day.

We then moved on to other parts of the park. There are a number of white knuckle rides available for those crazy thrill seekers we however are into the more sedate rides…. A bunch of wusses really. But we did enjoy a number of rides in the main park including Megaphobia, Tree Tops and the Pirate Ship.

The entire park is well served by a number of food vending bars however we, like many others, brought with us a picnic. The park is beautifully clean and there are numerous areas to eat as much of the park has lovely grassy areas perfect for picnicking. For those who prefer a picnic bench there are many of these dotted around the park too. Being a fairly young family we were also glad to see toilets all over the park.

We had a fabulous day and we’ll all sleep well tonight. Thanks Oakwood we’ll be back.

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