LC2 Fun for all on a rainy day

Our beginning didn’t start so well. I didn’t, have the fore thought to book, some days it’s as much I can do to get is all out the house in one piece let alone find time to book something ahead of time. So like everyone else in the Swansea what to do when the weather is wet and windy we decided to visit the LC2.

The LC2 is Swansea’s very own indoor waterpark. However it would seem it was a lot more than that – thank goodness as when we arrived we found that the next swimming session available wasn’t for another hour and a half. So what to do to while away the time… Soft play.

Right in the foyer of the main building stands a humongous soft play. A perfect labyrinth of colourful cushions, netting, ropes and noise. The Twinnys delighted in chasing each other up down and round about. It would seem that lots of other waiting swimmers were doing the same as children crawled around the place like ants on an ant hill. As a result of the many playing children there were even more loitering parents looking desperately for a seat. This would be my main criticism of this great facility. Parents were sat around the enormous structure like they were waiting for a bus. I felt like I was intimately getting to know the lady beside me we were so close. I wonder if placing something that requires parental supervision in a space with so little room for parents was the best of ideas for the centre.

Despite my discomfort the boys had a blast ducking and diving for an hour and a half.

So the tune finally arrived that we could venture into the waterpark. The changing village is unisex which is great for families. It was however the busiest of ever seen it. We however found a double changing room which was great for us all to be in at once. Lockers were provided at £1 which is returned when leaving and they are positioned all over including alongside changing rooms.

(Photo credit to big heart Swansea)

The waterpark itself had a number of slides those for the very tiny all the way to those for the very brave. I however fit into none of those categories. My little people in the other hand loved all of them. Queues for these slides were massive as expected I guess on such a busy day. The Twinnys patiently waited with Daddy for their turn. All the slides were carefully manned my numerous hard working lifeguards. The lifeguards were a credit to the centre.

The waves ran every 20mins and saw people of all shapes and size bobbing around like they were in the sea. The Twinnys love a little trip around the lazy river this wasn’t a particularly calm or relaxing river because of the sheer number of people but hey it’s the summer holidays and training cats and dogs I expected nothing less.

There were two more pools available one that was shallow enough for the Twinnys to stand up in but also deep enough they could practice their ever improving swimming strokes. The other pool was more of a splash play area which was busy with even littler people than mine having fun on their very own little slide.

All in all it was a great afternoon out. The boys are suitably worn out and will hopefully sleep tonight. We will be back but maybe earlier in the day in the hope that it’s a little quieter.

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