Wilko Bloks Fun

This is how we spent our afternoon. We had a great time building @lovewilko bloks.

When we bought this this morning I didn’t hold out much hope. We’ve had a number of these sets in the past and we are always unlucky when it comes to having all the pieces there. This time however how different.

The instructions weren’t difficult for twin 1 to follow. He did so really well on his own. We got all the way through without a piece missing. His build was a really cool food truck. And as my lovely twinny said it was the best thing ever as it was made up of his two favourite things: building and food. He’s just like his mother 🤣🤣

As a majority boy household we are big fans of the brick and usually one more expensive brand. On this occasion this cheaper offering from @lovewilko was just a good as the one costing at least double the price. This set was purchased at a very low £4. Awesome for us as this is very affordable pocket money range. We were super duper pleased with our build we will definitely invest in these sets again after this experience.

#minireview #familytime #familyfun #brick #wilko #bloks #foodvan #pocketmoney #affordable #toys

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