Being inspired by kids

So being surrounded by students most days is fun. They say crazy things. They make me laugh but they do inspire me.

One such student not only inspires me but works to inspire those around her. So she faces some challenges as she was born with a visual impairment. What she however doesn’t want is to face unnecessary challenge so she’s set it to change things.

She recently took to Facebook saying….

Im a 13 year old who is severely sight impaired, i read and write in braille, i have visited a few different restaurants and there is no braille menu for us blind, also the big super market dont have braille labels, it is 2019 now, and one day i want to live on my own independently, think its time things changed

It was only when I read this I realised the challenge that faced her independence. I for one take for granted the ability to check out the menu of any establishment I visit. I take for granted I can go into any supermarket and make my selections but how do you that without sight? The answer it would seem for some of the companies we contacted she could ask for help. But this is a fiercely independent young woman and why shouldn’t she be?

So what does she want? A requirement for restaurants to provide braille menu for visually impaired readers. Labels in braille that allow visually impaired customers to use in supermarkets like everyone else so they don’t have be accompanied on every shopping trip.

If you feel inspired as I didn’t about the need to make shopping and eating out inclusive please check out her petition and get signing.

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