Marvel Avengers Madness

So our trip began with a hiccup.  I live in a house where boys out number the girls so on the run up to my birthday the husband began planning a birthday treat.

My birthday arrives and so to does my surprise……..a visit to the touring Marvel Avengers Station that was coming to Cardiff for the very first time.  However it is here we hit our first hiccup.  So popular was this exhibition it was decided that it would remain a little longer in London.  So the birthday came and went and there was no planned visit however despite the early purchase of tickets the hubby was able to select any of the new dates set for Cardiff.

So our day finally came and I along with 4 very excited boys got ready to take on the avengers challenge.  We were visiting withal our boys of 43, 12 and 7 year old twins.  It’s important to note if you haven’t already read that one of my gorgeous twinkles has special needs.  So we have to plan carefully trips like these to ensure that we can all enjoy it without the worry or panic that his needs can’t be met.  We were booked in for an 11am visit.

We found that the exhibition was placed right in the centre of the St David’s Shopping Centre.  It’s convenient for shopping alongside the visit however it initially made me worry about the actual length of time we would go on to spend in the exhibition.  We arrived at around 10.30am as instructed.  We were however instructed by security to leave and return in 15 minutes.  So cue a sneaky look in the nearby Disney store and then a play in the Lego at the Lego store.   We also made a stop at the shopping centre’s toilets.  It is important for any prospective visitors to know there aren’t any toilets available within the exhibition but they are just a short walk away so worth a visit before you go in.

So when we returned we were ushered into a briefing room.  There a pre-recorded messaged told us all about how we were about to enter the world of the Avengers Station.  All the boys including Dad were completing engrossed and ready for the challenge.65598937_10162029885510607_2840001821164961792_n

As we went into the exhibition the first part was completely interactive.  There were 3 stations where you stood and virtually you took on the Iron Man persona.  Televisions all around showed the process to onlookers.  This was great fun and even I mean especially the husband was so excited to have a turn.  As I stood there queuing up for a turn with the twinkles I did wonder if right upon entrance to the exhibition was the best place for this interactive element.  It meant you began you experience in a queue I also wonder if the provision of only 3 stations could have been improve with one or more stations therefore limiting the queuing.  Everyone wants a turn Mums and Dads included so it does take quite a while.  For our special twinkle it was just to long a wait so we spent a lot of time looking at the other exhibits.  For those visiting with special visitors it’s worth trying to look to go at a least popular time so to limit the queues.


Throughout the exhibition there were examples of costumes, weapons and artefacts linked to each of the Avengers in turn.  The twins loved challenging the Hulk and Daddy and J loved trying out the bikes and weapons.

We spent around an hour and half visiting this exhibition.  For some this may seem a short time for the cost of entry however for the house of huge superhero fans this was a small price to pay to get up close and personal with their heroes.  We had a great morning and if you love all things super I’m sure you’ll love the visit as much as we did.

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