It’s sooooooo cold I need some sunshine – Finding a holiday for my not so little family

So it’s winter, the mornings are soooo dark and cold.  It’s miserable dragging myself out of bed in the dark and even more miserable when it’s almost dark when your coming home.  So I need a cure……yes I need to plan my sunshine holiday.

My hubby thinks I’m crazy night after night I have tralled the internet looking for a little somewhere I can take my not so little family.  A holiday to look forward to.  It’s not easy actually it’s nyon impossible.   We fancy a pool, some sunshine,  a little entertainment and maybe some lovely unlimited food and drink.  Now that doesn’t sound like a extreme list of requirements until I factor in that we are a family of 6.

It amazes me when hunting for a holiday that these ‘family’ hotels they are so unprepared for real families.  Search after search unless I’d like to stay completely separate from my husband and two of my other children places just can’t accommodate us all.  Family holidays with well know travel agents generally only apply to the average 2.4 children.  I’ve never been average and now as a result my family pay for it.  Is it too much to expect that as a whole family we can stay together on a family holiday?  Even more annoying are those fantastically accommodating places like Disneyland Paris who have rooms that will fit us perfectly but……..special offers don’t apply.  Yes that’s right to book a large family room at Disneyland Paris you have to forgo any of the fantastic 4 for the price of 2 offers in order to reserve the room.  So in my case making the large family rooms on site completely unattainable.  Now after a bit of a moan to the company in question I was told it’s ok you can always book two rooms and request adjoining.  Right a pretty big price but at least the offers included.  Oh right but wait a minute adjoining rooms can’t be definitely guaranteed……seriously why make the suggestions when I could rock up in holiday mode full of fun and anticipation only to find we have to split up.  So here we are again back to where we started.   Finding someone for a family of 6.

The other thing how is it that my 13 year old is now an adult and warrants an adult fare.  When did 13 years on this Earth make you an adult?  Despite being an adult warranting an adult fare she isn’t allowed to occupy accommodation alone, travel and stay alone.  Why?  Yes that’s right folks it’s because she’s a child.  Yes a child that I have to pay adult fares for.  Insane that an industry that believes itself to be so family friendly unfairly requires parents of older children to foot expensive bills that as a result price many individuals out of the market.

Helpful friends and family often make suggestions.  Try a villa?  Heard it so many times but I don’t want a villa just because I’m a big family doesn’t mean I want to stay in a massive house which inevitably will result in me doing a lot of what I do at home.  Cook and hmmmmm maybe clean some?  I want a holiday pure unadulterated relaxation ……well as unadulterated as it can be with 5 year old twins.  I want to be entertained, I want to be fed and I want to chill out.

So the search continues to find an affordable, accommodating holiday for a large family.  The words needle and haystack come to mind.  Fingers crossed we’ll get there in the end.

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