Sun’s out, pool’s out – review of Chad Valley Aquarium Activity Pool

Finally this weekend summer sunshine came out to play.  It can only mean one thing when entertaining toddler twins it’s time for fun in the pool.  So after a little trip to Argos and a chat with a generous daddy we purchased the Chad Valley Aquarium Activity Pool. So I thought I’d take a little time to tell you what we thought. 


Argos selling this product at £29.99 this is quite a lot more than we’d usually spend on a pool but with the added additions of slide, sprinkler and inflatable toys we decided to take the plunge. ..excuse the pun.   The pool was easily inflated with a foot pump  the smaller inflatable toys were a little more awkward to fill.   Especially the octopus the additional tenticles meant it felt like forever before it was inflated.   As the day went on in the sun there was a little deflating that meant the pool but in particular the slide needed topping up.   The only dubious pay of the pool was the sprinkling palm tree that week was. ……limp.  I know that there’s a curve in a palm tree but this poor one barely raised its head.   The palm tree also came with an attachment that allowed it to be connected to a house and become a sprinkler.  This was great fun for the little folks that love to splash each other and especially me.


The pool is of a really decent size and provided my dastardly duo with plenty of space to play with our without each other.

The inflatable toys were a nice addition and meant my boys spent a lot of time chasing each other round wearing themselves out.   This is always a benefit.  Also they weren’t overly big and will come in very handy for our summer holiday this year when we go abroad in the pool.

The part the boys enjoyed the most was the slide.   Even though initially they were a little wary due to it being inflatable and therefore a little less steady under foot they soon found their stride and took turn after turn.

The pool was really easy to deflate and isn’t a huge item to try and store which is often my concern. 

So I ask myself was it worth the money?   Yes I think it was it provided hours of fun and will do so again and again.

It’s available at Argos:

Chad Valley Aquarium Activity Pool

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