Why don’t they get on a boat?

When my children go to bed it’s Mammy and Daddy TV time.  Gone are the crazy you tubers who do random videos opening toys that my toddlers find fascinating.  Finished are the annoyingly upbeat American nickelodeon teen sitcoms like Jessie.  It time for proper TV.  Proper scary zombie infested TV.  Yes I admit, one of my few ….. ok, ok many guilty pleasures is the Walking Dead.  I’ve been loyally following the life and time of Rick Grimes and crew since that first creepy blood soaked episode.

The more I watch however the more bemused I become.  As Rick and the rest of his merry band try and set up normal life with the odd zombie stabbing or crazed survivor attack.  I wonder why are they not on a boat? Surely this is a sensible course of action.  They have supplies they can get supplies.  Why not get to water?  Luxury cruise liner would be fab and considering a handful of men took out an entire prison of zombies I’m sure their new village would manage a liner too.  I’ve never seen any swimming zombies and anyway even if they did they aren’t going to penetrate the hull of a whacking great liner.  This staying on land is just short sighted survival planning I reckon.  Alexandria will always have a expiration date either because of the crazy zombies or the crazy fools who want get in from the crazy zombies.  Now a boat is long term planning.  You can sail around no zombie interference, collect new supplies from different places, see some new sights and all in a cabin will decent interior.  Hey get a liner you may even get a cinema 🙂

The Walking Dead is like one of those safety talks.  We have them often in school.  You know the fire safety team come in discuss the worst case scenario and every year like clock work I’m reminded of my escape plan and now thanks to the walking dead I have my plan for crazy zombie attack.  So in the event of a zombie apocalypse, if anyone needs me, you’ll find me and my minis in a fully loaded car of supplies, I’ll definitely have a sword like Michonne and be on my way to Swansea Marina to get me a boat.


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