My First Time

I’ve thought about this over and over.  I’ve considered so many times whether to start my own blog.  I’d try and work out what I’d write about.  I’d question whether I had anything really worth writing about.  More importantly I worried about whether it would  be of any interest to anyone.   I’m just a Mammy writing about….I’m not always sure.  Would anyone really read my bumbling discussions?  It’s like being a kid again and planning the birthday party to end all birthday parties and no one turning up.  And yes, that really did happen to me.  So with heightened anxiety I tentatively take my first step into the world of blogging.

So what’s the point?M Well… I love to write.  I like to take a moment and think about things and really consider the way they affect me and my own.  Being a wife I like to reflect and think about what makes my relationship great even if it’s sometimes seems like lots of hard work.  Being a Mammy I have lots to say about my kids, doesn’t every Mam?  Being a teacher I have lots to say about the way we are educating our kids and the way the powers that be dictate to us worker bees and sometimes take the joy out of my job.  Being part of a big, often disorganised, a family I have lots to share about the memory making we do, the places we visit and the fun that we have.  Hopefully MammyLoves will be somewhere I can share and think about all the things that are important to me.

When you read my ramblings you’ll also realise that I love a chat and sometimes I have some of my best conversations with myself.  This blog will hopefully be the place for me to put these conversations and reflections down and spend a little time on me.  In a house full of little people it’s often difficult to find Me time other than the odd few minutes when I haul myself up in the bath even often that is rudely interrupted by someone banging on the door and shouting ‘Mammy I need a wee’.  This I hope will be my place and if you’d like to visit my place I’d love to welcome you in.

So hopefully ‘my first time’ hasn’t been too much of a bore and maybe you’ll come back and see just what this Mammy in the little Welsh Town of Merthyr Tydfil really has to say.

6 thoughts on “My First Time

  1. Kristie says:

    If it helps, I don’t blog to “blog”. Mine is kinda just a running stream of life, like “live tweeting” everything, or nothing depending on if I feel like sharing. Some days I’m quiet, some days I feel like I post every ten minutes. So there’s not much substance some days. But I don’t actually blog for others, I only post what I kinda want to remind myself of in the future. So it’s a journal of sorts, just public. There’s no right way to blog if you’re doing it for personal reasons (obviously if a career of blogging is what you’re looking for, I’m sure everything I do is completely wrong lol) GOOD LUCK!

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